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Miller’s Appliance Service brings Grand Junction, CO customers a full range of both new and used appliances. Whether you’re outfitting your cabin or upgrading your home appliance, we stock the propane refrigerators, gas ranges and off-grid appliances you’re looking for. We bring you reliable products from tried-and-true manufacturers, so you can rely on your fridge, range or other appliance day in and day out.

EZ Freeze Gas Refrigerators



RV Appliance Repairs

EZ Freeze Gas Refrigerators are for everyone and anyone living off the grid in Grand Junction, CO. They’re completely propane-powered; no electricity required. They’re made in the USA, by the Amish in Indiana. We are happy to have four models in-stock, ready for delivery today. We’ll even help you get them set up and working properly in your cabin.

  • Clear Deli
  • meat tray
  • Dual clear crisper drawer with glass cover
  • Easy push button piezo igniter from front
  • Fast Freezing interior freezer shelf (1)
  • Gallon-size fridge door shelves
  • Hidden front mounted controls
  • Removable cooling unit
  • Removable glass refrigerator shelves (3)
  • Reversible doors
  • Rollers for easy moving
Unique Off-Grid Appliances

Unique Off-Grid Appliance has been in business for over 50 years, and we’ve backed their products for as long as we’ve been in business. Innovative engineering and attentive customer service have made them a leader in the off-grid appliance market. Millers Appliances is happy to be the authorized dealer for the Grand Junction, CO area.

When it comes to ranges, reliability is key. It’s why we recommend Hotpoint “off the grid” all-gas ranges and have them in-stock at all times. Pick one up on your way to the mountains or give us a call and ask us about the benefits of owning one if you’re looking to replace your existing, unreliable range. Smooth surface and rounded corners make clean-up quick and easy | Enough room to cook an entire meal at once | Delivers a wide range of heat output for most cooking need | One-piece durable handle | Strong and long-lasting | Feature a durable construction to help accommodate any size or type of cookware

Bring Home Convenience

Come browse the full selection of new and used appliances at Miller’s Appliance Service. We’re conveniently located in Grand Junction, CO, on your way up to the mountains! Stop in today or give us a call at 970-243-3897 for more information about our inventory.