Propane Appliance Repair in Grand Junction, CO

There aren’t too many appliance services that can perform propane refrigerator repair in Grand Junction, CO, or troubleshoot your RV appliance to fix them. At Miller’s Appliance Service, we specialize in these niche services, and we’ve built our business on being the best when it comes to propane and off-grid appliance repairs. We’ll put in the work to keep them plugging along, so you can continue to enjoy the convenience of your everyday appliances.

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Propane Appliance Repair
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Not every appliance repair technician knows how to service propane refrigerators and ranges. In fact, most don’t! That’s why we’ve made it our specialty. We’re the local authority on off-grid appliance repair, handling most general issues with propane fridges and ranges. Whether you’re the last cabin at the end of the trail or hitting the road in an RV, give us a call when your propane-powered appliances stop working. We’ll set them right!

Grand Junction, CO is a popular hotspot for RVs and campers. We’re available for RV appliance repair if you’re experiencing issues with your vehicle’s propane-powered appliances. We specialize in repairs for refrigerators and air conditioners, but can handle almost anything your appliances throw at us.

Servicing Most Major Appliances

Have a fridge, dishwasher, washing machine or dryer that’s just not getting the job done? Give us a call and we’ll put decades of appliance repair experience to work for you. Our repair abilities extend to most major appliances and brand names, electric or gas. Apllinaces we service include: dishwashers, dryers, electric refrigerators, garbage disposals, microwaves, upright or chest freezers and washers.

Keep Your Appliances Running

If there’s a problem with your appliance, call Miller’s Appliance Service to get it fixed. We’re equipped to resolve most major appliance issues—including for off-grid gas-powered and RV appliances. Give us a call at 970-243-3897 to schedule service today.